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About us

Tikras Technology Solutions Corp. is a Native American Owned Small Business dedicated to providing experienced and professional services to our Government and Commercial clients. Specializing in information security and assurance and providing superior solutions in information technology, training and program management, Tikras offers True solutions to Real problems.

The ever-changing landscape of information technology requires an organization to maintain both the agility to respond and the strength of a firm foundation to resist sacrificing the even flow of operations. Tikras works extensively with clients to first identify and define the organization's core needs and then develop the appropriate solution of people, process, and technology to achieve the delicate balance of agility and strength for your organization.

Core Values

    1. Deliver Innovative Services.


    2. Cultural Identity.

    We will preserve our cultural history and incorporate it into everything we do.


    3. Perseverance.

    We will never quit. We have a warrior tradition.


    4. Loyalty.

    We are committed to our nation, our country, our staff, and our family spirit.


    5. Honesty & Integrity.

    We will build honest relationships with open communication.


    6. Build a Positive Team.

    We will build positive teams with openness, trust, and respect.


    7. Bring Passion and Be Unique.


    8. Pursue Growth and Learning.


    9. Do More With Less.


    10. Be Humble.